Saturday, April 28, 2012

Longest Day meal by the Mamas And Papas club and the Booster Club

As a tradition for all our actors the last Saturday before the next Play performance we feed them because, they spend so much time rehearsing, and of course because we love them, The play in turn is Titanic the musical , we been lucky enough to be present in the some of the rehearsals and this play promise to be one of the kind.
The Mamas and Papas Drama club combine with the booster club today honor this great tradition  and we have a great time in a very busy Saturday at THS.

Mamas and Papas getting ready for the rush hour from our Titans

Jennifer Spangler Booster club President

Titans enjoying a meal

Booster parents Traci Gillman, Diane Hernandez, Lorri Puchlick and Jennifer Spangler

Our great director Mrs Hunsaker having a really short break

Titans at the Plaza

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