Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PTSA Fundraiser: Gift Cards!

By now, hopefully you have seen an order form to purchase gift cards from the school. They have been sent home a couple of times with your student (if you haven't seen one, ask your student to dig it out of their backpack!). You can print one online from the school website: .

PTSA has budgeted $5000 in earnings from gift card sales this year. This money will go toward the school academies to help with purchases that will enhance the students' educational experience. We are very optimistic, but in order to meet our goal, we need your help. If every family just purchased $100 per week in gift cards, we would make about $1000 every week. This translates into storage for music, storage for art supplies, musical instruments, etc. Last year we were able to contribute $5000 toward the new dance floor, and the previous year we were able to donate a substantial sum toward the computer lab. If every family did purchase $100 per week in gift cards, we could probably purchase all of the tuxedos, dresses, costumes for all of the productions. Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Every family buys groceries. Maybe you shop at Albertson's or Smith's, and use your "points" to buy gasoline at these stores. On Friday or Saturday night, you may go out to dinner. Perhaps you enjoy a Starbucks coffee on the way to work, or get your hair cut at Great Clips. When it is time to do some home diy projects, you might head over to Lowe's or Home Depot. Instead of putting these purchases on your credit card, we hope that you'll support our school by purchasing gift cards at the school for all of your needs. We can get just about any gift card that you need, and you get the exact dollar amount that you spent on the card. The school makes anywhere from 1% to 15% on each card. You can even purchase Visa cards which you can use just about anywhere.
Every Monday and Tuesday, you can turn in your order along with a check or cash (no credit cards as they cost us 3% to run your card) in at the office. Jana Houston, THS business manager will place the order for the cards, and you can pick them up (or have them sent home with your student) on Friday afternoon of the same week. If you need a last minute gift, and you forgot to order a card, Jana keeps a few on hand. Please consider gift cards for your holiday gift giving.

This is the easiest fund raiser going. I hope that you will make it a point to go to and print off the order form. If you don't see a gift card that you'd like, just give the office a call. We have more than what is listed. Feel free to post your questions here, and I will do my best to answer them.

We are doing a gift basket giveaway each week. I will post our first winner on Friday. For every $100 in gift cards purchased, you get an entry for the drawing. Good luck!

PTSA Back to School Free Lunch

PTSA has a tradition of serving a free back to school lunch each year to the student body. It is a fun way to kick off the school year. This year, our back to school lunch was held on Friday August 21, 2009.

Our menu this year included hot dogs on a bun, chili, watermelon, pineapple orange juice and snow cones. Since it was 110*F on Friday, the snow cones were a big hit! There were a lot of blue lips and tongues on both students, faculty and PTSA members.

I'd like to thank both Albertson's on Dixie Drive in St. George and Lin's Market on the same street for their very generous donations of food for this event. We received all of our hot dogs for free, the majority from Lin's, and Albertson's gave us 4 watermelons, hot dogs and a $30 gift card which covered our paper supplies. Please thank manager Steve, at Albertson's and manager Phil, at Lin's for supporting our school. It doesn't hurt to email Albertson's and Lin's regional offices and say thanks! Please support these businesses!

I'd also like to thank faculty, staff, parents and students for all of their help. Student body officers made the snow cones (you guys are awesome!), Andy Hunsaker was the main chef on the barbecue, cooking the hot dogs, and Jan Hunsaker showed her watermelon cutting skills. I noticed all of the faculty and staff helping students get their food in a timely manner. Also, we had several fantastic parents helping prepare and serve the food. Many, many thanks to all of you.