Saturday, December 19, 2009

Madrigals sing at Barnes & Noble

The Madrigals performed at the Barnes & Noble at the Red Cliffs Mall last Saturday. It was an excellent performance! The Madrigals were here to raise funds for their Salt Lake City trip this weekend.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Madrigals. Hopefully someone has taken some pictures of their SLC Temple Square performance, and we can post them here.

Three THS Students Win Regional Reflections!

Tuacahn High School did extremely well at the Regional PTA Reflections Contest, with three winners going on to State competition. Our school had the most Regional winners of any school in our region!

Winners at the Regional level are:

Eliza Denton- Film/Video
David Edmunds- Musical Composition
Ashalee Johnson- Photography

Pictured above (left to right) Eliza, David and Ashalee.

Sydne Davies, Regional PTA representative, presented the awards at a special assembly on Friday morning, December 18, 2009. These winners will compete against 19 other regions in the State PTA Reflections competition. We will know how our students did sometime in March or April. Winners at the state level go on to National competition. Congratulations Eliza, David and Ashalee!
Be looking for posters around school with the 2010-2011 Reflections theme. Let's get ready for next year now! Questions? Feel free to post a comment and the answer to your question will be posted.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battle of the Bands '10 Kick-off

PTSA had our Battle of the Bands Kick-off during lunch hour. We high-jacked the Plaza Stage and were entertained by Mike Whiteside, Chris Whiteside and David Edmunds. PTSA handed out BOB packets along with BOB poster contest paperwork. In case you didn't get the paperwork, and you want it, go to this link to get the entire packet. Toward the end, you will find the poster contest entry form and rules if you are only interested in that.

Last year, a band from our school, The Fillmore Odd Generation, took 2nd place in the State competition! WOW...not shabby for our first appearance in BOB. The Fillmore Odd Generation featured current THS students, Mike Whiteside, Chris Whiteside and THS graduates Matt Dumas and Josh Beahm. They were fantastic!

This year we would like to make another good showing at the BOB, so get practicing, get the paperwork, and get ready to play at our BOB at THS sometime at the end of January or very early February. The winner (and possibly 2 winning bands) will go to Regional competition at Enterprise High School. The top 3 bands at Regional will go on to the State competition.

Bands can be Rock, Country or Jazz.

Feel free to post questions, and I will answer them here on the blog. Good Luck!