Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drama Region and State

This week has been one of the busiest for the Actor Training Academy. First, Thursday the cast of the One Act, went to Cedar City to compete for region at Canyon View HS; our own hall of fame teacher Mrs Hunsaker informed us that the cast of "Fully Committed" ROCKED that night!!!! We are expecting the best results as usual. Friday, Pine View HS hosted regional for the individual and group performances.

Thanks again to our Hall of fame teacher, today we found the results from last night performances:

1st Place region.
1st Place One Act.
1st Place in Musical Theater Scene
1st Place Dramatic in Dramatic Monologues
1st Place Humorous Monologues

So look out state...... the TITAN'S from Tuacahn are coming with everything!

Always smiling Kenzie Lee

Destry Freed and Jordan Simmons

Always funny Ashalee Johnson

The lovely couple Lauren Newman and Tyler Price

Powerful tandem Josh Puchlik and Taylor Richardson

Beau Kyra Smith, Destry Freed and Karlie Gleave

Carl McIntosh, Cesar Lecuona and Jordan Eaves

Mckenna Wright and Armando Serrano Jr

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Concert choir combined with Madrigals, they did it.

Some of the Madrigals were informed by Mr Kentros tonight to keep May 12th open because, Yes, they're going to state after their wonderful performance today at Snow Canyon, MadrigalsCongratulations to them for this achievement. Please keep up the good work and let's support our kids.       Radiante is also having a great performance. We salute Mr. Kentros for his outstanding job with the musical academy, way to go JP.


Beautiful ladies from Radiante

JP presenting Radiante
Great performance by the Madrigals
JP presenting the choir combined
Solid performance by the combined choir.
Sabrina the child prodigy
Kathryn Porter playing with Radiante.

Student Council 2012-2013

It is the time of year again when every student at Tuacahn has the opportunity to postulate themselves to be part of the student council a really great experience and a great chance to serve your fellow students of this great school .

Part of this work is to help share student's ideas, interests and concerns with teachers, principals and with the booster club, so if you want to be part of this, be sure not to miss the mandatory meeting this next April 2nd.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prom 2012

Last night we had one of the most beloved traditions for the students, Prom, a dream night for many of them.  It's good to mention the organization by the prom committee leaded by Eliza Denton was really good , and like always our fabulous faculty was there ready to help to have a great time, we have so many pictures that we decide to make a video instead.
We have a performance by Patrick Swansburrow and of course the fairy was there to name the Queen and King prom for every grade. It was a fun night, the girls look gorgeous and the boys very handsome.
Now with officially 2 months away from the end of the school year let's keep focus on the task of having good grades. It's very important to make the best effort academically and in each of your extracurricular activities show your Titan pride.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Poetry Slam

Dakota Vangelov winner of the Poetry Slam

Today we had the opportunity to enjoy some Titan talent! Thank you Mr Dail, our awesome English teacher, for organizing an amazing Poetry Slam........... and the winner is.......... (drum roll) Congratulations Dakota Vangelov!!! Titans did a GREAT job!!!

Thanks to ALL who participated. This is what makes our school great.

1st   Dakota Vangelov
2nd  Austin W.B. Orton
3rd  Max Durham

Runner Ups
4. Cesar Lcona
5. Savanna Owen
6. Camara Raven

Best Rythym/ Meter- Cesar Lecuona
Best Imagery -           Savanna Owen
Best Humorous-         Alex Pizzo

Honorable Mention
Abigail Duston
J.P. Kentros

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Powderpuff Football Game

The teams ready for the battle

Today we had a spectacular day and also we had the annual Powderpuff Football Game it was a great game with some acrobatic plays showing that the girls have skills.
The score doesn't represent what was going on in the field, but the students had so much fun....and like always, we strengthened friendships. We enjoyed our time together. We enjoyed the fellowship and who knows? maybe an NFL scout could be looking for a player.
Our teachers where there to show their support and love to each one of the fabulous Titans, here are some pictures and we look forward for the next Powderpuff Football Game.

Are you ready for the rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!?!

JP, the referee 

Blue team support

 The broadcasting booth 

The crowd immersed in the game

The score celebration 

A view from the field

Sabrina, a yellow cheerleader 

Our fabulous faculty

Yellow team support

A spectacular play

The fans arguing a call from the referee

Bethany, the MVP

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few news from Madrigals and SUPAF

Madrigals at Anaheim, CA

Rehearsing before the concert  

The students have been incredibly busy. SUPAF is over and many students received awards.
They are: 
Vocal Music: 
                    Sabrina Parry (vocal solo)
                    Madrigals choir (highest award)
Instrumental Music: 
                     Sabrina Parry (Violin solo)
                     Adam Garceau (Trumpet solo)
                     Jeff Chapman  (Bass solo)
                     Miree Yoon (flute solo)

       THS  "Stacey Bowden Award" For Outstanding Overall Performance
       Tuacahn High School Orchestra and Individual Classical Guitar awards.

In addition, in the Region Choral competition some students did very well and they qualified for state.

They are Destry Freed, Alex Pizzo, Kendle Zdunich, Abi Cristian, Caleigh Venetis, and 

Aubrey Anderson. Madrigals as a whole group received 3 scores of 1-. Congratulations all of you!

Parents also recognize  JP kentros, Choir director, and his oustanding job with the students.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One step at the time

Here we go, we are just about 2 more months to the end of the school year and we have a full agenda of upcoming performances and shows and this is a PROM week. We, The Booster Club Board, just want to share our appreciation for the wonderful and incredible faculty and the great administration of the Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts. You are the best and we are looking forward to continue to offer our help in any way.
Also our beloved students; you are so extremely lucky to have the opportunity to study in this gorgeous enviroment to all and each one of you are appreciated for your contribution in being a part of this great school.  You are really Titans and we, as parents, are very proud to be a part of this.
Thank you.
So let's work together one step at the time and make of this a great year doing our personal best at all your titan pride!

Finally, for all the official announcements go to the official school website, Facebook page or Twitter account