Saturday, April 28, 2012

Longest Day meal by the Mamas And Papas club and the Booster Club

As a tradition for all our actors the last Saturday before the next Play performance we feed them because, they spend so much time rehearsing, and of course because we love them, The play in turn is Titanic the musical , we been lucky enough to be present in the some of the rehearsals and this play promise to be one of the kind.
The Mamas and Papas Drama club combine with the booster club today honor this great tradition  and we have a great time in a very busy Saturday at THS.

Mamas and Papas getting ready for the rush hour from our Titans

Jennifer Spangler Booster club President

Titans enjoying a meal

Booster parents Traci Gillman, Diane Hernandez, Lorri Puchlick and Jennifer Spangler

Our great director Mrs Hunsaker having a really short break

Titans at the Plaza

Monday, April 23, 2012

Titan Week

This week we celebrate T-Week and usually we start with our glorious Titan Pride Day and today's winner for the most spirited and dressing like a true Titan was.

Parker Forest Olson

Tomorrow  4/24/2012 will we have Cartoon day, you cannot miss this.

Snow White as a Aubrey Wilburn 

The winner of cartoon day Amber Mutton

Today  4/25/2012 we have twin day but it's looks that we have a triplets day or even more                                         

The winners from the twin day the Duffy's boys and Cameron Christensen  yes they where triplets

Ashely and PJ  with Melanie Zitting a Booster parent.

Another set of triples Sabrina,Elisa and Bridger

Here is not just three but five! Keira, Mckenna, Karlie, Alyssa, Culle, then Tyler, Alex, Brennan, Tanner and Armando
All this week was awesome and the good news is that Mr Fowler, our principal, just shared the news that he talked to Mrs. Gerry and the CRT (criteria reference test) has improved from last year in Math and English students are doing very well with academic achievement, so let's not forget that we can achieve everything if only we envision it.let's get our priorities straight,  You Titans Rock!!!

So let's go down to business and enjoy this pictures from the Pajama day.

Amber Mutton & Lexie Keyees

Kathryn Porter

Taylor Van Richardson

Friday, April 20, 2012

Perpetual Motion Dance Concert

Last night the Dance Academy lead by Mrs Dail , presented the Dance Concert at the Hafen theater, what a great performance and beautiful display by each one of the students, If you missed you still have chance to support them and be witness of this great dance company.
Tickets still available at the office come and enjoy a evening of beautiful people and dance.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Titans in the Tabernacle

Last night we have a great evening at the Tabernacle of St George, enjoying the Instrumental Music Concert by the Titan Guitar Ensemble and the Titan Wind Ensemble, what a great performance! We honor and thanks the Music Directors Mr Bonham  and Mr Andersen  for this great work,
And of course a big thank you to each one of the participants in this great concert but, specially to the Parents of each student, for being part of this great Titan community and for your endless support.
 Our own Heather Carrol was there playing the piano in a beautiful way like she always does.

And this is not over, if you want heard once again this amazing s Students, here are the upcoming events:

April 28 State Solo an Ensemble
May 9    Instrumental Music Awards @ the Ledges $ 15.00 per person
May 19  State Orchestra  @ Salem Hills HS
May 22 Graduations (Guitar Ensemble)

Finally please do not forget register for the Summer Programs a really great chance to improve all your talents.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Election is over


 With the words of one of the greatest leaders Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England, when he was visiting Harrow School, to hear traditional songs as well as to speak to the students. Churchill stood before the students and said. " Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up."

      We offer our congratulations to those who got elected. For those who were not, we ask to follow the advise of Sir Winston Churchill, Never ever give up, and learn from this. Just remember that one of the greatest Presidents of this great nation, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated so many times and he never give up until he was elected President of the United States of America.

And these are the names of our Student Body Officers for the school year of 2012-2013

President:               McKenna Right
Vice President:       Keira Smith
Secretary:              Jordan Eves
Historian:               Tyler Price
Treasure:               Alex Pizzo
Publicity Manager: Tanner Gillman

Saturday, April 14, 2012


 We just got the news for our own reporter, live, at the scene of the Drama State competition traveling with the Drama Academy, Diane Hernandez that THS just got the 1st place for Fully Commited and overall !!! Yes, they are THE STATE CHAMPIONS! Wooooohoooooo! They are bringing the hardware Trophy and medals.... Yes, we are the TITANS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY TITANS!  more news and pictures to come.

And here is all the information. Again, we are so proud of all who participated at State Drama CONGRATULATIONS!

Overall - 1st Place
Coaches of the Year (doesn't surprise us)  Jan and Andy Hunsaker
One Act - 1st Place
One Act Best Actor - Carl McIntosh
One Act Best Character- Joe Minear

Dramatic Monologues
1st Place - Dakota Vangelov
2nd Place - Naomi Bott
3rd Place - Michael Bigler

Humorous Monologues
1st Place - Abi Christian

Contemporary Scene
3rd Place - Liz Hernandez and Tanner Gillman

Musical Theater
1st Place - Caleigh Venetis, Kendle Zdunich, Sabrina Parry

One Act.

Cast of Fully Committed 

Fully supported 

Our pride... THE STUDENTS

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuacahn Choice 2012-2013 Election Center

This is a great time in history because as a country we have elections, and also here at Tuacahn, so we are hearing a lot of promises from the candidates to get your vote,  and for all of them that are in the campaign trail we wish them the best.

We, the booster club fully support of all them and we open this space to each of the candidates to post their ideas and promises to the students. 

Josh Puchlick sent to us this poster and here it is.

Josh Puchlick campaign for Student Council President

Today we got this from Armando Serrano candidate for Vice President........I think we heard before of him.

Armando Serrano for Vice President

Monday, April 9, 2012

The much to do so little time.

Just like that, amazingly, we are already in the month of April, and we're almost at the end of the school year. Because of this students, faculty, administration and parents let's band together and put all the effort in this homestretch to finalize, stronger than ever, in all aspects of our respective obligations as one in this great High School, home of the Titan's.

There is to much to do, individually and collective so here we go.

First of all let's all be proud of our Music Instructor, Mr Bonham who has been admitted at UNLV to do a Ph.D. in music, way to go and we wish him the best.

Congratulation Mr Bonham


The rehearsals for Titanic the musical continue at full speed with the students working hard and preparing to offer a production like never before. Mrs. and Mr Hunsaker and J.P. Kentros are at the top of everything so we expect  this to be a great success.

Jandy giving Instruccions

Rehearsing for the first time at the amphitheater 

Part of the cast from Titanic the Musical

Also the Drama department will leave for the State competition on Friday 13th  and will return at saturday the 14th around 8 PM for more information about the State competition, visit the school web site.


April 10 Choir trip to SUU
Poster Blitz-April 26  (Everyone)
BELIEVE The final concert May 7th and 8th at 7:30 in the Hafen theater 
State Choir festival May 12 (TBA)
Musical Theater I and II Activity Fee $ 5.00  pay with Mrs Carrol at the office 

Instrumental Students:

Please don't forget about the Tuacahn Summer Arts Institute, at great opportunity to improve your skills and good news is that there are many scholarships for this program and all the students are encouraged to participate of this great program for any questions call Molly Murphy at (702) 283-0334.


The Perpetual Motion Dance Concert is presented by the dance academy this next April 19 -21 and 23 at the Hafen theater at 7.30 PM for tickets call the school office.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

High School Music Awards

The Musical Dance Theater company went this weekend to compete in Logan at the USU for the High School Music Award where they performed the Brotherhood of Man, from the play H2$. They won the Audience favorite award where the audience voted via text.
Our Hall of fame teacher Mrs Hunsaker said that the company did their best performance ever, and she is very proud. We are sure that it was a great experience, and we expect to continue to give all our support to them and more. Thank you Jandy and JP; you are the best ever!
Also, on the way back from Logan, they stopped at the Primary Children Hospital to see Megan Birk. Megan is a Tuacahn student who has been sick, and they sang a few songs for her. This shows the great heart of each Titan student, and we can say that we are one, and we are going to move forward to grow together as a big family.
When our students got back to Tuacahn, Mrs Hunsaker told them how proud she was of them. She asked them to go home and say thanks to their parents for the opportunity to do all this because families come first, and with this we can see how classy Mr. and Mrs Hunsaker are, they are some of the finest teachers you ever will meet.

Cast and crew of H2$

They performed The Brotherhood of Man
Winners of the Audience favorite Award

Performing at the Jimmy's