Monday, April 23, 2012

Titan Week

This week we celebrate T-Week and usually we start with our glorious Titan Pride Day and today's winner for the most spirited and dressing like a true Titan was.

Parker Forest Olson

Tomorrow  4/24/2012 will we have Cartoon day, you cannot miss this.

Snow White as a Aubrey Wilburn 

The winner of cartoon day Amber Mutton

Today  4/25/2012 we have twin day but it's looks that we have a triplets day or even more                                         

The winners from the twin day the Duffy's boys and Cameron Christensen  yes they where triplets

Ashely and PJ  with Melanie Zitting a Booster parent.

Another set of triples Sabrina,Elisa and Bridger

Here is not just three but five! Keira, Mckenna, Karlie, Alyssa, Culle, then Tyler, Alex, Brennan, Tanner and Armando
All this week was awesome and the good news is that Mr Fowler, our principal, just shared the news that he talked to Mrs. Gerry and the CRT (criteria reference test) has improved from last year in Math and English students are doing very well with academic achievement, so let's not forget that we can achieve everything if only we envision it.let's get our priorities straight,  You Titans Rock!!!

So let's go down to business and enjoy this pictures from the Pajama day.

Amber Mutton & Lexie Keyees

Kathryn Porter

Taylor Van Richardson

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