Saturday, April 14, 2012


 We just got the news for our own reporter, live, at the scene of the Drama State competition traveling with the Drama Academy, Diane Hernandez that THS just got the 1st place for Fully Commited and overall !!! Yes, they are THE STATE CHAMPIONS! Wooooohoooooo! They are bringing the hardware Trophy and medals.... Yes, we are the TITANS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY TITANS!  more news and pictures to come.

And here is all the information. Again, we are so proud of all who participated at State Drama CONGRATULATIONS!

Overall - 1st Place
Coaches of the Year (doesn't surprise us)  Jan and Andy Hunsaker
One Act - 1st Place
One Act Best Actor - Carl McIntosh
One Act Best Character- Joe Minear

Dramatic Monologues
1st Place - Dakota Vangelov
2nd Place - Naomi Bott
3rd Place - Michael Bigler

Humorous Monologues
1st Place - Abi Christian

Contemporary Scene
3rd Place - Liz Hernandez and Tanner Gillman

Musical Theater
1st Place - Caleigh Venetis, Kendle Zdunich, Sabrina Parry

One Act.

Cast of Fully Committed 

Fully supported 

Our pride... THE STUDENTS

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dilizmatt said...

Way to go Titans! You make us proud!