Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Class of 2012

Titan's Class 2012

As we come to the end of the school year we want to congratulate all of the seniors who have worked so hard to finish this chapter of their life. But as one chapter ends, another begins. We have another round of seniors coming up, and the senior themselves will start over as freshmen. On behalf of the faculty and parents of all the graduating class, we want to congratulate you (Like you won't hear it enough). Thanks for giving everyone around you the chance to be a part of your life. And good luck in the future. Godspeed.

Guitar Ensemble 
Graduation night for the Class of 2012 begun with the Guitar ensemble followed by the Madrigals. What a magnificent group are the students at THS, they are the cream of the top in all aspects.
We have Art, Music, Dance,Theater and much more like Math, Science,etc... we have the greatest faculty in the world thank you to the Board of directors for giving us all this. We support you and respect you for everything you always do behind scenes. What high School can have her own canyon and stunning red rock view Thank you. 
No other High school have this magnificent background

As the night was coming down you only could see happy faces of graduates, families, students,friends, and faculty enjoying this time; we can see that the future of THS is brighter, but we need to step up every day to make this happen.

 Part of the Board of Directors Mr Hyrum Smith, Mr Jonathan O.Hafen, Mrs  Carol Hansen  listening to Abbi Christensen, one of the 3 Valedictorians
Jana Houston the super duper Business Manager 

There is not a doubt that we have the best Faculty and Adminitration in the whole world, you are the best.
What else we can say just a ginormous THANK YOU to ALL of YOU who are part of THS, yes we are TITANS and we are proud of it, have the best summer ever and be happy, the best is still to come. So for now.... enjoy the pictures.

The Wilson's and the Hunsaker's


Seniors, go and conquer the world! Remember that you always will be a Titan, we wish you the best in life. You made it and better things for you and families lay ahead, just stay on course and everything else will follow you .
"Stay thirsty, stay foolish" .....Steve Jobs 

We are Family!


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Mr. Hafen closing the School Year 2011-2012 
Yes! You did it

To our seniors class 2012 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instrumental Music Awards Night Solo/Chamber Concert

Last Wednesday night at the Ledges Golf Club was the hosting of the Instrumental  Music Awards,  We enjoyed a great dinner and each student received a certificate of recognition for their participation through the year. The night was hosted by the Directors of the Instrumental academies and organized by Aimee Bonham.
Students offered their families an evening of music and great entertainment, we really appreciated Mr Bonham the Instrumental Director for all the effort that he put into this program to make soon a reality the Music Conservatory of Tuacahn.

Titan's and their families 

Guitar Ensemble 

The Bonham's

Wind Ensemble 

A beautiful view at the Ledges with the visit from the Titan's

The Orchestra 

A solo by Paul Raine

The Director Jason Bonham

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Believe concert

This past Monday and Tuesday night we had the chance to enjoy Concert choir,Radiante choir,Mens choir and Madrigals all in one place. For their last year concert and we also we give a farewell to our senior titans, it was amazing both nights, it's such an incredible opportunity to be a Tuacahn student for all the programs and activities, what a blessing. So let's step up for all the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Also we are so grateful to have JP Kentros as Music teacher he has been making a difference in our kids Thank you JP. 

Madrigals singing.
Beautiful girls from Radiante Choir 
Uncharted choir

JP with some of the madrigals  
Part of the seniors Titan's in their last concert.

Tribute to our seniors
Saying goodbye to Tuacahn
Yes we are Titan's and we are proud it.

 Radiante Choir


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Titanic the musical

Titanic The Musical, for our Titan's students, faculty, administration and parents with the support of TCA one of the greatest play of all time created in THS. With almost a 150 people between cast and crew members we surely can say that this production was a milestone in the career of our directors Jan and Andy Hunsaker. We salute them and will always be thankful because they change lives. We express our gratitude and wherever they go will we never forget them , Thank you, we love you and we wish succeed always in life. Godspeed Jandy Hunsaker.

                                         Video made for one of the Titans Cesar Lecuona
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Outstanding Performance at opening night

Last night all the THS academies came together as one, to offer one of the greatest performance by the Titans, to 775 people, that is amazing! Yes it's great to be a Titan!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wow! To much to do so little time!

We are just days for the end of school year what a ride has been and still to much to do, so first things first, tonight is opening night for Titanic the musical that promise to be one of the greatest play Directed by Jandy and for this we just want to share a few words with you Titan community:

Break a leg Titan's!!!
Opening night is not the only important part, And whether every seat in the house is full does not determine the success of a show. It means that EVERY rehearsal is important to the outcome, as well as being part of the fun! Every rehearsal, every crew painting session, every tech rehearsal, and even the strike is part of the overall performing arts experiencie and part of the fun. We all of the THS family we just want to say WE LOVE YOU!  

Building The Titanic on the desert

Parents helping to finish the ship
Tech rehearsal 

Dress rehearsal 

                                        Just a sneak preview of this wonderful play singing farewell