Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wow! To much to do so little time!

We are just days for the end of school year what a ride has been and still to much to do, so first things first, tonight is opening night for Titanic the musical that promise to be one of the greatest play Directed by Jandy and for this we just want to share a few words with you Titan community:

Break a leg Titan's!!!
Opening night is not the only important part, And whether every seat in the house is full does not determine the success of a show. It means that EVERY rehearsal is important to the outcome, as well as being part of the fun! Every rehearsal, every crew painting session, every tech rehearsal, and even the strike is part of the overall performing arts experiencie and part of the fun. We all of the THS family we just want to say WE LOVE YOU!  

Building The Titanic on the desert

Parents helping to finish the ship
Tech rehearsal 

Dress rehearsal 

                                        Just a sneak preview of this wonderful play singing farewell

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