Sunday, April 1, 2012

High School Music Awards

The Musical Dance Theater company went this weekend to compete in Logan at the USU for the High School Music Award where they performed the Brotherhood of Man, from the play H2$. They won the Audience favorite award where the audience voted via text.
Our Hall of fame teacher Mrs Hunsaker said that the company did their best performance ever, and she is very proud. We are sure that it was a great experience, and we expect to continue to give all our support to them and more. Thank you Jandy and JP; you are the best ever!
Also, on the way back from Logan, they stopped at the Primary Children Hospital to see Megan Birk. Megan is a Tuacahn student who has been sick, and they sang a few songs for her. This shows the great heart of each Titan student, and we can say that we are one, and we are going to move forward to grow together as a big family.
When our students got back to Tuacahn, Mrs Hunsaker told them how proud she was of them. She asked them to go home and say thanks to their parents for the opportunity to do all this because families come first, and with this we can see how classy Mr. and Mrs Hunsaker are, they are some of the finest teachers you ever will meet.

Cast and crew of H2$

They performed The Brotherhood of Man
Winners of the Audience favorite Award

Performing at the Jimmy's

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