Monday, April 16, 2012

Election is over


 With the words of one of the greatest leaders Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England, when he was visiting Harrow School, to hear traditional songs as well as to speak to the students. Churchill stood before the students and said. " Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up."

      We offer our congratulations to those who got elected. For those who were not, we ask to follow the advise of Sir Winston Churchill, Never ever give up, and learn from this. Just remember that one of the greatest Presidents of this great nation, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated so many times and he never give up until he was elected President of the United States of America.

And these are the names of our Student Body Officers for the school year of 2012-2013

President:               McKenna Right
Vice President:       Keira Smith
Secretary:              Jordan Eves
Historian:               Tyler Price
Treasure:               Alex Pizzo
Publicity Manager: Tanner Gillman

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