Thursday, March 24, 2011

THS Dancers Earn Top Marks at UDEO's Dance Festival

THS Dance Company at Utah Dance Education Organization's 9th annual High School Dance Festival in 2010.

THS Dance students attended the Utah High School Dance Festival at Weber State University on March 19, 2011. Students were able to attend master classes, had an adjudication session, and performed in the gala showcase at the end of the festival.

According to event organizers, seventeen schools (400-600 students) participated this year, from as far away as St. George and as near as Weber County. The dance companies that are invited are made up of students who attend dance classes requiring an audition.

The festival is not a competition, but each company performs two pieces and judges give them a rating and feedback. At least one of the pieces is choreographed by students.
THS received the highest rating, Superior, on both pieces. The adjudicators pick 5 student's pieces from all of the entries at the festival to receive a meritorious award in choreography. THS Shelby Ogden's piece, Hazy Milk, was one of the five chosen for this award.

Some of the information for this post was from the Standard-Examiner.

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