Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to the Titan family to April Harris new science teacher

April Harris
Many people ask “ Are you the new science teacher?” and all I can say is “Yes, Yes I am!”  Words can’t express my excitement to be here at Tuacahn High School.  The atmosphere is supportive for both the students and the staff.  I can feel the excitement in the air and the students smiles outweigh their “beginning of the year fears” and I can feel that they are just as happy to be here as I am.   So far (after two days of class) I have been really impressed with the students and how respectful and mature they all seem to be, it’s different from where I was but similar to what I experienced in the last few years of high school, where students were dedicated and focused on success, both their own and that of their peers.  I’m glad to be around students that are driven to learn and succeed.
I have had the opportunity to travel and live in a few very different places in my life.  From experiencing the fall of the Wall in Germany as  a child to experiencing the cultural differences of Louisiana, Brazil, and Seattle, I’ve had many precious moments that have helped me appreciate people and their culture and strengths.  I was permitted to attend a residential high school in Louisiana that focused on math, science, and the arts (LSMSA).  I was able to live in dorms on a college campus and even take part in the college marching band.  In this atmosphere I grew in appreciation for the Arts and people that made them a major part of their lives, and continue to be drawn towards people with an Arts background.
I left Louisiana for college in Idaho, Brigham Young University – Idaho (formally Ricks College), where I majored in Biology Education with a  minor in Chemistry Education.  I took a few semesters off to live in Brazil and then moved to Washington state to do my student teaching.  I found an amazing school in Graham Washington where I taught for 6 years.  During that time I returned to college and earned my Masters of Education from the University of Washington. 
I love teaching and working with students.  I’m excited that I get to do what I love in an atmosphere such as Tuacahn.  The best part is having all of this AND living near some family! It’s my first time living in Utah so it’ll be a little of an adjustment to the culture but it’ll be one more experience I can add to my list so I’m excited!

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