Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THS Instrumental Music State Solo and Ensemble Scores

State Solo and Ensemble Report:

The Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts showed this weekend why it is quickly becoming the finest music program in the state: Its fantastic students.

THS Instrumental Music received almost complete superiors across the board, with only the guitar ensemble being half a notch away, yet far surpassing the other guitar ensemble at state who received a 3-. For the record, the guitar ensembles judge was unusually tough, handing out only two "1" scores out of nearly 40 ensembles judged. Not too mention, under that incredible guidance of Dave Andersen, the Guitar ensemble came from a loose band of students with varying abilities, to the highest scoring Guitar ensemble at state, and one of two ensemble who actually qualified for state. Congratulations Guitar Ensemble, and thank you David Andersen.

The following is the list of all scores received at State Solo and Ensemble:

Sabrina Parry I
Larrea Cottingham I-
Kathryn Porter I

Ashley Pittario I

David Edmunds I

Jeffery Chapman I-

David Edmunds I

Keely Schmerber I

String Choir I-
Guitar Ensemble II+

Congratulations to our students on their outstanding performances! A special thanks to Heather Carroll for her fine piano accompanying and dedication to your students.

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